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Recently I was asked to do a show on my conceptual suite ADJACENT MELODIES.
Here is the PODCAST covering the evening. The actual recital starts at 0:38:30.
Prior to that: Interview + polymetric demonstrations on the guitar.
The mystery of simultaneity.


NOVÉ ETUDY PRO KYTARU by Milan Zelenka / Jana Obrovská


Recording these "new etudes" (NOVÉ ETUDY - published in 1974) from Czechia meant a karmic lot to me. Please visit youtube to watch my 3-part-series.
It is my hommage to the czech tradition of guitar playing which I naturally became a part of, i. e. through my conservatory studies with Zdenka Schulz (1996–2001). To her these recordings are dedicated.

Revisiting a recital at Bernsteinzimmer, Nuremberg, 2017-11-04.
Videos of Oh No & The Orange County Lumber Truck (by Zappa; arr. Staeffler) + Potatoe Ball Queen (by Sigi Schwab) with help from percussionist Roman Bahr.