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Children’s Corner

Video-recording the modern classic ›Vier Bagatellen für Gitarre solo‹ June 2022.

Performing ›Hotel Polyphonia‹ (EGD №4) @ Hersbruck Festival 2016 w/ Richard Darian-san. (photo: Thomas Geiger)


Logo, 2015 (Design: Bing Fish)


The Duke of Polymetrix, 2014 (Photo: Bing Fish)


mission accomplished, 2014

Street cred I, July 2014 (Photo: Bing Fish)

Performing “Etüde 3“ and “Der Hoffnung Tochter“ @ creative_monday, Zentrifuge, Nuremberg, Feb 2014


Rehearsing with “Sehr Gut“, March 2014


Feeling blue


Heartfelt thanks to Michael Salb for re-defining my ears in 1997.


Self-indulgence and non-conformance: my two bad habits, 2012


Always serving science, 2012